Client Reviews

Christine Mary Callahan was a great gift to find in the world of attorneys! She has been the most ‘top notch’ attorney ever!

– Client

Christine was very responsive and easy to work with. We collaborated on my case and worked as a team to get to the best final resolution.

– Client

We cannot say enough regarding our opportunity to work with Christine. Her job for us was not an easy task nor was it a simple matter.

The situation she had to work with had a great deal of legal implications which she had to research, and she did this without hesitation, knowing every which way to ‘get to the bottom’ of things she was looking into.

Our matter concerned many old, outdated, lost bits and pieces of information, however, she overcame all obstacles and solved each mystery without missing a beat.

Christine always returned our phone calls and never was she too busy for our questions. Our emails were always answered in a timely fashion, which to me of course was always paramount. Don’t we always think our business is the most important? Well, Christine always made us feel like ours was!

I have referred my friends and family to her and will continue to do so in the future, and of course without hesitation would confer with her for any and all legal matters that I might have in my future.

We have finished our business with each other and she has made us proud of her and the work she did for us. The solutions Christine brought to us will positively impact us the rest of our lives.

I thank her and the legal system she represents for her honesty and integrity, which is the building block to getting things done right.

We are fortunate and grateful to have met her and to have had her work for us!

All our best to her!!

– Client

I worked with Christine on a marriage dissolution. She was professional, responsive and supportive.

– Client