We have all heard about divorces in which both spouses agree to disagree; they put their emotions aside for the sake of their children, and seem to effortlessly move on. But not all divorces are easy, and even though you may be willing to forgive and move on, if your spouse (or ex-spouse) is a high-conflict person, you are in for a bumpy ride! Despite all your good intentions to put the children first and to rise above the pettiness which sometimes takes over in a divorce, high-conflict people make it virtually impossible to move through the divorce process easily. At Summit Law & Mediation, PLLC we are experienced in successfully guiding clients through family law matters involving high-conflict partners.

Many high-conflict people also suffer from personality disorders. One of the most common personality disorders is narcissistic personality disorder. While everyone may have selfish traits, people with narcissistic personality disorder have serious limitations in their capacity to maintain a healthy relationship with a spouse, co-workers, and even their own children.

The tendency of people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder to blame others and their inability to accept responsibility for their own role in any conflict can be fierce and unrelenting. Some are explosive in their attacks, and some are masters of subtle manipulation. Either way, if you are married to someone with narcissistic personality disorder, you likely feel like you are going crazy, and you may feel as if you are to blame for things even when you know on some level that you can’t really be responsible for everything that has gone wrong.

Less Drama, More Peace

Recognizing what you are dealing with can help you navigate the rough emotional waters you will surely face during your divorce. Mediation can be successful with high-conflict people, but it requires a different kind of mediator: one who understands and appreciates the imbalance of power between the parties in mediation. The manipulative tactics used by high-conflict people can be subtle, and a skilled mediator will be familiar with the tactics to avoid pitfalls and bring the parties to an efficient resolution. For more information on dealing with high-conflict individuals, watch for articles in our blog reports.

If you are facing a divorce from a high-conflict individual, the best thing you can do is get through the divorce process as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can stop walking on eggshells and start living your own life, free from the manipulation and constant criticism of the high-conflict person in your life.

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