Legal Representation

Legal Representation

For over 14 years, Christine Callahan has been representing clients in divorce, child custody and support matters.

Christine is a strong advocate for her clients. She listens to their concerns and creates a plan with her client focused on the client’s unique goals. Like snowflakes, no two cases are exactly alike—even though they may appear to be similar at first glance.

No one wants to spend more money than absolutely necessary in a divorce or custody matter. We respect that. Of course, quality legal representation makes a difference and there is nothing more valuable than your peace of mind and the best interests of your children. In offering full legal representation, you receive Christine’s input, legal advice and strategy from the start of the process to the final judgment and decree, and beyond as necessary.

Virtually all of our clients desire a quick, amicable resolution but that outcome should not come at the expense of your rights or the best interests of your children. Christine knows the emotional and financial toll a divorce takes on a family. She educates and empowers her clients so they understand the law and the strengths and weaknesses of her client’s positions.

We request a refundable retainer for legal representation. Each month clients receive a detailed invoice and the bill is paid from the retainer which is held in trust for each client. When we finish a case for a client, we refund any unbilled amount left in the trust account for the benefit of that client. The retainer allows us to provide uninterrupted advice and representation.