We offer traditional legal representation. This means we are here for you every step of the way. Christine Callahan is a solo attorney with over 16 years of family law experience. She doesn’t give your case to an associate attorney and you don’t pay for her to manage another attorney. She is available for consultations, strategy, advice on communicating with your spouse, and perhaps most importantly, she communicates with your spouse, or your spouse’s attorney if s/he is represented by an attorney. Christine also communicates with the court and appears at court hearings and/or mediation with you.

Traditional representation includes payment of a retainer. The retainer amount is determined after the free initial consultation with Christine. We do our best to estimate how much your case might cost, but of course, there is no way to know how much time will be spent on a case. It is entirely dependent on how difficult the other party makes the process. The retainer is refundable and is held in the firms’ trust account. We send you a bill every month for the amount of time spent on your case, and any court fees we have paid on your behalf. The invoice is paid from the retainer amount (you don’t keep sending money each month). You know each month how much of the retainer remains. If we finish your matter and there is an amount remaining in the trust, we refund the amount remaining. If the retainer is spent due to complications in your case, we request a new retainer. In the event a case goes to pre-trial, we request a trial retainer. We prefer to assume cases will settle, so we don’t anticipate needing a trial retainer at the beginning of the case.

We’re here for you from start to finish of your case.