We offer strategy sessions specifically tailored to your situation. No two divorces are exactly alike. Don’t get advice from your friends, family, or co-workers. Their divorce is not the same as yours. Laws are constantly changing-we stay on top of the changing legal landscape and offer strategy and advice to protect your family and your financial future. Each service is billed separately at a fixed rate. Christine will provide the cost of these services following the free initial consultation.

Strategy sessions include the following as appropriate:

  • Reviewing documents and explain/advise your options under the law
  • Providing legal support for your position and explaining the legal support for the opposing position.
  • Calculating support (child support and/or spousal maintenance)
  • Mediation Preparation – typically this includes all of the above. In preparing for mediation, we provide an estimate of your best-case and worst-case scenario in the event your case were to be decided by a judge (based on the information you provide us). This gives you the confidence to reach a settlement which is appropriate in your unique situation.