Maintenance is Not a Lifetime Profit Sharing Plan

Spousal Maintenance Cannot be Determined by Equalizing Income. June 18, 2018 There are eight factors a court must consider when determining an appropriate amount and duration for spousal maintenance (… Read More
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Non-Marital Property

Marital vs. Non-Marital Property. October 24, 2018 Separating marital and non-marital property is especially complicated when dealing with earnings on business interests which have not yet been paid.… Read More
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Physical Custody Label

Physical Custody Label May Make a Difference. June, 2018 In June, 2018 the Minnesota Supreme Court reversed a decision made by the Minnesota Court of Appeals and made a dramatic decision regarding phy… Read More
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Spousal Maintenance Factors. January, 2019

Spousal Maintenance Factors. January, 2019 There are eight factors to be considered in determining spousal maintenance. The Minnesota Supreme Court overturned a case on January 14, 2019 because the Di… Read More
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Three Ways to Minimize Conflict for Children

Children are Negatively Impacted by Conflict For years research has shown that conflict is most damaging to children. Whether their parents are married, divorced, or are living post-divorce, on-going… Read More
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Alternative Dispute Resolution is a process for resolving conflict as an alternative to litigation. Mediation is one form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (aka ADR). Mediation is an ideal process for… Read More
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MN Support Law Changed August 1, 2018

Minnesota Child Support Law Changed The new Minnesota Child Support laws went into effect on August 1, 2018. The laws for child support in Minnesota have undergone many changes in the last twelve year… Read More
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Collaborative Divorce Minnesota

Collaborative Divorce in Minnesota is commonly misunderstood Read More
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Baby's Father Wants Custody

What Happens Now? In Minnesota, when a baby is born to unwed parents, the mother of the child has sole legal and sole physical custody of the child (even though a recognition of parentage may have bee… Read More
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Help Children Through Divorce

In an effort to value marriage, somehow society has stigmatized children who grow up in homes without two parents. We should value marriage while also respecting the fact that some people, for a varie… Read More
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Meet Christine Callahan

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Christine Callahan is an attorney practicing solely in the area of family law across Minnesota. She is also a mediator, a Minnesota Rule 114 qualified neutral, and she is on the Court Rosters of approved Early Neutral Evaluators for Scott and Carver… Read More

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