Christine moved to Silverthorne full-time in early 2019 and brings with her over 16 years of practicing family law and estate planning. Her focus is on educating clients and ensuring the best possible outcomes while preserving integrity and respect in the process. Christine has been enjoying Summit County since the early 1970’s. Her family had a home in Breckenridge and her happiest memories of skiing and hiking are here. She is a volunteer ranger for Friends of the Dillon Ranger District and is a member of the Colorado Bar Association. She taught a CLE for the Colorado Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute on implicit bias in mediation.

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Below are the practice areas for Colorado:


Smart Decisions in Difficult Times Christine Callahan of Summit Law & Mediation, PLLC, works with clients throughout the state to find their peace in their Colorado divorce. Helping clients calm the emotional storm that sometimes swirls around th… Read More

High Conflict

We have all heard about divorces in which both spouses agree to disagree; they put their emotions aside for the sake of their children, and seem to effortlessly move on. But not all divorces are easy, and even though you may be willing to forgive and… Read More

Child Custody & Parenting Time

People often confuse the terms “custody” and “parenting time.” Under Colorado law, there are two types of custody: legal and physical. It is common in Colorado for parents to have joint legal and joint physical custody. This d… Read More

Spousal Support

Under Colorado law, the primary purposes of spousal maintenance is to “assist a spouse needing support when the other spouse has the ability to pay support.” See In re Marriage of Morton, 369 P.3d 800, 804 (Colo. App. 2016). The amount of spousal… Read More

Child Support

Child support is money paid from one parent to another parent for the benefit of the parties’ joint child or children. Child support it not treated an income to the parent who receives it and is not tax deductible to the parent who pays it. It is a… Read More

Property Division

All property acquired during the marriage (with a few important exceptions) is considered marital property under the Uniform Dissolution of Marriage Act in C.R.S. § 14-10-113. Upon dissolution of marriage, unless parties have executed a valid proper… Read More

Estate Planning

Estate planning means creating a plan for the future for those you love. Estate planning can be used to preserve assets, minimize tax consequences, and create an income flow. Parents use estate planning to direct who will care for their children phys… Read More