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Christine Callahan is an Attorney at Law and Mediator with a background in Education. Our firm offers services for:

Callahan Law offers divorce, family law, and mediation services throughout Minnesota. We offer a  FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. We welcome you to call us us at (952) 975-9961,  email, or fill out our online contact form.

Minnesota Parent Coaching

Co-parenting can be difficult. Like anything else in life, we can grow and plan as a collaborator to your family to flourish in trying times. Our parent coaching services can help you review, plan, and support the ongoing needs of your children. 

Minnesota Divorce

We work with clients to find their peace in their Minnesota Divorce. Removing the emotional storm allows clients to make smarter decisions when negotiating a divorce settlement and when getting ready for litigation. We give clients the knowledge they need to be actively involved in the decisions they will make regarding their own divorce.

Mediation- now offering evening and weekend mediation!

Not all mediators are created equal. In Minnesota you do NOT have to be an attorney to be a mediator. Christine Callahan is a qualified Mediator AND an experienced Family Law Attorney.  Learn more about mediation and our mediation services.

Early Neutral Evaluations

Christine Callahan has completed the certified training and is on the court roster for counties in the southwest metro to conduct Social Early Neutral Evaluations (SENE for custody and parenting time) and Financial Early Neutral Evaluations (FENE for support and property division). For more information about the Early Neutral process in Minnesota, please see our articles.

“Christine was great to work with. We were able to collaborate on a solution and able to have this process move along quickly. I truly appreciate her responsiveness in making sure all details were covered to avoid any delays.”   – Client

Meet Christine Callahan

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Christine Callahan is an attorney practicing solely in the area of family law across Minnesota. She is also a mediator, a Minnesota Rule 114 qualified neutral, and she is on the Court Rosters of approved Early Neutral Evaluators for Scott and Carver… Read More

Top Women Attorneys 2018 Award

High Conflict People

We have all heard about divorces in which both spouses agree to disagree; they put their emotions aside for the sake of their children, and seem to effortlessly move on. But not all divorces are easy, and even though you may be willing to forgive and move on, if your spouse (or ex-spouse) is a high-conflict person, you are in for a bumpy ride!


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