Evaluative Mediation

Evaluative mediation is a mediation process which includes an evaluative component. In a traditional mediation, the mediator does not offer her opinion on the merits of any one party’s stand on issues and does not offer her opinion on what the court might do if the parties end up litigating their disputed issues.

In an evaluative mediation, the mediator shares her experience with the family law legal process and her legal knowledge to help parties understand their best and worst case scenarios if they were to let a judge decide the resolution to their dispute. Understanding each party’s legal rights and responsibilities can help parties decide whether a particular settlement is reasonable. Evaluative mediation can be particularly effective in saving parties time and money mediating issues because parties can more easily weight the pros and cons of creating their own settlement with a full understanding of the law and their rights.

For more information about evaluative mediation, contact us today at christine@mnfam.com and read Christine’s article in the April, 2013 edition of the Minnesota State Bar Association’s Bench and Bar magazine.

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