Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching

Managing Custody and Parenting Time

After a divorce or a custody matter you may find yourself with a court order for custody and parenting time but now what? Now you are co-parenting with someone who may not follow the court order but there is little you can do to control the situation.

Your kids may be struggling with the schedule or maybe you are. You may have difficulty communicating with your co-parent and nothing you have tried seems to make it better. You may have trouble getting your co-parent to share expenses as you agreed, or as the court ordered. Hiring an attorney isn’t the answer unless you are able to modify the court’s order. Attorneys don’t typically offer parenting advice and judges simply don’t have time, or the authority, to get involved in the day-to-day issues which create chaos for you and your children.

What is Parent Coaching with Callahan Family Law?

We give you the support, tools and resources to give you the strength and perseverance to be your own advocate and an advocate for your children.

You don’t have to figure it out by yourself. We support only one parent and give you the tools you need to protect your rights and the rights of your children.

After over 11 years of representing clients in custody and parenting time disputes, Christine offers tips and strategies to improve your communication and teaches you skills you can give your children to manage the chaos in their world. Christine helps you understand your parenting rights and responsibilities and those of your co-parent. She also helps you work within the court’s orders to minimize conflict for you and your children and advises when it’s time to ask for modification.

You don’t have to do it alone.

We offer two different types of services to help you manage co-parenting with a high-conflict parent.

  1. Parent Coaching and On-Going Support:

If you have on-going conflict with your co-parent, we offer weekly assistance in managing communications and providing legal advice and assistance as needed. There are many day-to-day struggles when dealing with a high-conflict co-parent. Very few people can afford to keep an attorney on retainer to help manage the day-to-day conflict parents face, and very few attorneys have the time or experience to respond to clients in need of this kind of assistance. Judges will not even consider weighing in on the day-to-day conflict parents face until the issues have adverse effects on children. We offer personal one-on-one help with the goal of managing conflict before adverse effects surface.

This is individual coaching for one parent who wants legal support and practical advice for managing a co-parenting relationship. Unlike a parenting consultant who works with both parents and is a neutral in managing disputes, Christine supports one parent. Focusing only on what you can control is the mantra for our individual parent coaching.

We cannot control a co-parent but we can give you the support, tools and resources to give you the strength and perseverance to be your own advocate and an advocate for your children.

  1. One-time Review and Create a Plan

For a fixed fee we review your court orders and create a plan for you to manage on-going co-parenting based on your court order, your children’s needs, and your unique circumstances.

This Service includes the following:

  1. Reviewing court orders and motions
  2. A meeting by phone/Skype/in person to discuss concerns
  3. A written explanation of expectations based on the court’s orders as well as a strategy for moving forward
  4. A follow up meeting by phone/Skype/in person to review the strategy and answer any questions.

This service typically includes an initial call of not more than one hour, 2-3 hours spent on review and drafting, and then a final call/meeting of not more than one hour.


Christine Callahan is not a mental health professional.

She is an educator and an attorney and her focus is always on minimizing conflict for children while protecting a parent’s legal rights.

Christine offers advice for parents who are overwhelmed by a co-parent’s demands or accusations. She offers strategies, tools, and resources based on her experience in family law courts and in education.