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Free Minnesota Court Forms and Instructions

The Minnesota Courts have an excellent free resource with forms and instructions for filing for divorce or for filing or defending motions (link below). For a simple divorce or a simple motion, you may be able to fill out your own forms and file them with the court. For unique, complex, or more personal court filings, we can help create documents which are better suited for your specific circumstances. The link below is a good place to start though.

Hennepin County Self-Help Center

If you, or the other party (other parent or spouse) live in Hennepin County, or if you have an existing court order that was issued in Hennepin County, you can visit their self-help center to find out how to complete forms and file documents without an attorney. For more information: Family Court Self-Help Center.

Minnesota Child Support Guidelines

Minnesota Guidelines Child Support Calculator

Early Neutral Evaluations

In the First District

The First District includes: Carver County, Scott County, Dakota County, McLeod County, LeSeur County, Goodhue County, and Sibley County. For information, see this page on Dakota County Early Neutral Information, which is specific to Dakota County but generally applicable to all counties in the First District—fees may vary by county.

In Hennepin County

Hennepin County has a unique process for Early Neutral Evaluations. Your custody case or divorce must be filed in Hennepin County to qualify for Hennepin County services. One party must reside in Hennepin County to file a family law matter in Hennepin County. For information, see Hennepin County's page on Early Neutral Evaluations.

Court Filing Fees

Carver County

Dakota County

Hennepin County

Scott County