Spousal Maintenance Factors. January, 2019

Spousal Maintenance Factors. January, 2019

There are eight factors to be considered in determining spousal maintenance. The Minnesota Supreme Court overturned a case on January 14, 2019 because the District Court focused solely on one factor: the fact that the wife had suffered from depression. It is not uncommon for people to focus on only one factor when debating spousal maintenance. Some focus only on a spouse's ability, or inability, to work. Others focus solely on a party's ability to earn more income and others on a spouse's budget.

This decision offers a good explanation of the law which requires a more in-depth analysis of all 8 factors before determining the right amount and duration of spousal maintenance.

These factors include: (1) financial resources of the party seeking maintenance; (2) time needed to acquire education or training to find appropriate employment and the probability of finding employment; (3) marital standard of living;(4) duration of the marriage and length of absence from employment; (5) loss of earnings and employment opportunities; (6) age, physical, and emotional condition of the spouse seeking maintenance; (7) ability of the spouse from whom maintenance is sought to pay; and (8) contribution of each party to the marital property.

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