Do I Need a Lawyer to Get a Divorce in Minnesota?

Do it yourself divorce is becoming increasingly popular in every state, including Minnesota.  Many people cannot afford to pay the hourly rates family law attorneys charge and end up fighting the most important battle of their lives alone. Even the retainer for most family law attorneys can make legal representation unattainable for spouses divorcing.

In recent years, the Minnesota courts have provided an increasing number of resources for spouses to use in representing themselves in family law cases.  The courts do not provide more resources because they think people don’t need attorneys, they simply accept the reality that some people cannot afford attorneys and it better for all parties,  the judges, and court administration, if everyone understands the rules of the game.

You can find a wealth of information on the Minnesota Courts website at and at the family law self-help center. There are many legal nuances that may be missed though and if you want some guidance before you head off to court on your own, you might want to consider something fairly new to Minnesota family law:  “limited scope representation”.

Limited scope representation allows a person to get legal advice, and even document drafting for a set fee and nothing more. No retainer. No hours of fees running out of control.  Sound too good to be true? Limited representation can be the perfect fit for someone who is not afraid to go into court alone and who just needs a little guidance and possible documents drafted to fit his/her specific circumstances.

To get more information on family law, see the American Bar Association Guide to Family Law at: