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Baby's Father Wants Custody

What Happens Now? In Minnesota, when a baby is born to unwed parents, the mother of the child has sole legal and sole physical custody of the child (even though a recognition of parentage may have bee… Read More
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Minimizing the Impact of Divorce on Children

I subscribe to several different social media outlets regarding family law and just yesterday I read an article about a survey done in Australia about the impact of divorce on children. In the article… Read More
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SENE in Minnesota (Social Early Neutral Evaluation)

An SENE is a “Social Early Neutral Evaluation”. It is a voluntary process parents may choose to participate in when they disagree about custody or parenting issues. The SENE is used in divorce cas… Read More
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What Matters in a Custody Dispute? Lessons from Usher

Once a court established custody, it can be difficult to change in the future. By now, you have likely heard about the unfortunate incident which occurred last week when entertainer Usher’s four yea… Read More
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Focus on a Parenting Plan and Not Custody

In Minnesota there are two kids of custody: legal and physical. Legal custody involves making major life decisions for the children such as where they will live, go to school, what religion they will… Read More
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What is a Parenting Consultant and Do You Really Need One?

KSTP did a short piece this past week on their evening news program which seemed to imply Parenting Consultants are a waste of a client’s money. Interestingly they only spoke to two women and both w… Read More
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Meet Christine Callahan

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Christine Callahan is an attorney practicing solely in the area of family law across Minnesota. She is also a mediator, a Minnesota Rule 114 qualified neutral, and she is on the Court Rosters of approved Early Neutral Evaluators for Scott and Carver… Read More

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