Family Law Meditation: What to Know Before You Go

Many people going through the divorce process attempt mediation at some point before going to trial. Mediation is a less formal and less expensive process than going to court. Mediation is intended to… Read More
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Going to Trial When Settlement Process Isn’t Working

As important as it is to know when to settle, it is important to know when not to settle. Some family law attorneys are so motivated to settle that they may push for a settlement when going to court w… Read More
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A Settlement Doesn’t Mean “Settling for Less” in Minnesota Divorce

Unfortunately some people think the only way they will get what they deserve in a divorce is by going to court. The problem with going to court is that while the laws are predictable, judges are grant… Read More
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Minnesota Divorce Settlement: When Does it Make Sense?

Settlement in a divorce might sound like someone is not getting everything he/she deserves because someone is “settling”. Quite the contrary, a settlement in a divorce is more likely to be in line… Read More
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Meet Christine Callahan

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Christine Callahan is an attorney practicing solely in the area of family law across Minnesota. She is also a mediator, a Minnesota Rule 114 qualified neutral, and she also offers Early Neutral Evaluations. Christine is the proud single parent of thr… Read More

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